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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 1 / Issue 40 / November 11 1999

Contents of this issue

Vedas Foretell About the Sacrifice of Christ

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John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

In this loveless world we try to figure out where can we find love. Once I read a testimony of a film actress of Europe. She was raised in a broken home and her heart's desire was to get a loving husband and a happy family. She got married to a man and after sometime they took divorce. It was a heartbreaking experience for her. After some time another man came into her life and she thought, "this time things will get better and I could live a happy life" but it again ended up in divorce. All the time she expected that things will be getting better. But after successive marriages as she married one after another man her condition became worse. She got married more than 4 times and finally she became depressed and broken hearted. She came to the conclusion that there is no such thing called love or happiness. When she was in that desperate situation, someone shared the love of Christ to her saying that because God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son that we may live forever and forever a life full of joy, peace and happiness. And she said, "when I accepted Christ in my life, He took all my burdens, all my depression, all my problems upon Himself and I felt as if a great burden is rolled away from my heart and I got a great peace, joy and happiness that new no bounds."

Are you thinking that you have no one in this world who can show you a little love? Are you thinking, "I am lonely and no one to care for me?" Are you in desperate and depressed condition today? Are you thinking, "there is no hope for me?"

Look to Jesus. He loves you no matter what you are. You may be thinking that you are a sinner and not worthy of any kind of mercy from God. But the Bible says, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23) No one is escaping. All are sinners and every one needs a savior who can save them from their sins. You may be thinking, "no one is here to show me any love, I feel lonely even in the midst of big crowd." Jesus understands your agony because He went through tears, dishonor, depression, loneliness and disheartedness. Jesus can help you in the midst of your problems. Just as you are, come to Jesus, He will wipe away all your tears.

Vedas Foretell About the Sacrifice of Christ

By Taken from Balidan tract
Author -Anubhavanand Keshav Ray Sharma Mandapaka

All have sinned disobeying the law of God. So they try to find different ways in order to escape from the wrath of God. In our country (India) some make offerings to Brahmins, and others sacrifice animals.

Vedas declare sacrifice as the only way for salvation. "Dharmani prathamani" it means that sacrifice is most important of all our duties.

"Yagyo vay bhuvanasya nabhih" - Sacrifice is the base of the world.
"Yagye sarvam pratishtitham" - Through sacrifice all things can be obtained.
"Yagyo vay sutram nouh" - Sacrifice is a boat by which life can be driven smoothly.
"Yagyem va deva divangatah" - gods got to heaven only through sacrifice.
"Ritasya nah pathinay ati vishvani durita" - get saved through sacrifice.

"These theories which are declared in Vedas show that sacrifice should get the highest place in all the penance and it should be done for the remission of sins.

Come let us see what the message of BhagvatGeeta's is:

"Sah-yagyah prajah srushtva purovach prajapathih Annen pravishyadhvamesh vo s sitvasht kamdhuk"
It means:

When God made man in the beginning, He did sacrifice and He said, "by this your heart's desire may be full."
"Yagya shapith kalmashah" - Those whose sins are washed by sacrifice.
"Nayam loko-sthya yagyasyakutho-nyah kurusatham" - O, holy guru when those who did not sacrifice a single time has no place in this world, then how can he get to heaven?

The importance of sacrifice has been shown in this way. We see in Madakopnishad, "Plava hyeth adhrada yagya rupah" - The timber of sacrifice-boat would be silent.

In the 7th chapter of yagya vaibhav khand in Skandha Puran we can read like this:-
"Plava hyete sura yagya adrudashch na shamsayah" -O gods, The timber of sacrifice - boat is undoubtedly silent.

Tandya mahabrahmin says, "Yagyo va avati tasya chaya criyate"- Only sacrifice can give deliverance, whatever is done is only a shadow of sacrifice.

In Rig -Veda we read, "Atmada balda yasyachaya-mrutam... yasya mrityuh" - whose shadow and death became life (Amrit - or immortality), by his shadow and death He will give soul and strength.

All these above writings clearly states that sacrifice itself never brings deliverance but they are only the shadow of sacrifice which brings great deliverance. Ethray brahmin says, "Yagyamanah pashu yagyamanmev swarga lokam gaymati" - "He Who donates animal for sacrifice, does the sacrifice and goes to heaven."

Shathpath brahmin says, "Prajapathi yagyah" - God Himself is sacrifice.

In tandya mahabrahmin of Sam-Veda, it says, "Prajapathi devemya atmanam yagyam drutva praikshat" - God will offer give Himself as sacrifice and receive the repentance of sins.

Shathpath brahmin says, "Tasya prajapathirdharmev martyamasidharth marutham" -God became half mortal and half immortal. It means He became man and heavenly the mixture of both.

Purushsukta says, "sacrifice of Brahmadev is done.

All these teachings clearly indicates that the master of this creation himself will perform a true and great saving sacrifice. He would become both mortal and immortal and anointed God - man and by becoming the sacrificial animal, He would give Himself for the deliverance of the sins of mankind.

Rig-Veda gives the following facts regarding the sacrificial animal:

1. It should be a lamb without blemish.
2. Around his head 'Bulusu' bush should be placed.
3. It should be on the altar of sacrifice.
4. Its four legs should be nailed in such a way that until they bleed.
5. The cloth which covers the lamb should be distributed in four parts.
6. No bones should be broken
7. Gal should be given for the drink of the lamb.
8. After it is sacrificed, it should come back to life again.
9. Its flesh should be eaten.

From this we can come to the conclusion that the anointed Lamb of God who gave Himself for sacrifice and died for us, complied with all these descriptions.

It can be said that God took the form of a man first and then to save the sinners He gave Himself to be sacrificed. In our country we never read about this type of anointed one in our scriptures. No one who is God's anointed ever had this type of sacrificial death for the redemption of sinners. But in the meditarian seashore of western Asia there is a country called Palestine that is situated in the midst of dense population of the world. In this country an anointed son was born to a holy virgin in whom all these above written qualities were complete. He was completely innocent and blameless. He lived a holy and pure life. He was both mortal and immortal means both man and God. From the beginning itself He prophesied about His sacrificial death for the deliverance of mankind and victorious resurrection from the death. He delivered Himself to those evil people who not only loved sin and sinful ways of this world but also wanted to kill Him.

If we see about His death, we can see that as the Rig-Veda describes the qualities of the sacrificial lamb they are exactly fulfilled in this anointed person as explained below:

1. It should be a blameless lamb - He was a blameless (or without sin) God - man.
2. Around his head 'Bulusu' bush should be placed - A crown of thorn was put on His head.
3. It should be on the altar of sacrifice - He was laid on the Cross.
4. Its four legs should be nailed in such a way that until they bleed - His hands and legs were nailed.
5. The cloth which covers the lamb should be distributed in four parts - Those who crucified Him distributed His cloths by themselves.
6. No bones should be broken - None of His bones were broken.
7. Gal-juice should be given for the drink of the lamb - He was given vinegar for drink.
8. After it is sacrificed, it should come back to life again- He rose up from the dead on the third day.
9. flesh of it must be eaten- Before His death, He said to his disciples that they should eat His flesh and drink His blood, which was sacrificed for the salvation of the world; and for the remembrance of His death take bread and grape juice and for this He started a holy ritual which is still being performed.

In this anointed person, the sacrifice of repentance which can save sinners, is completed. All these things clearly states that this is the anointed one of God through whom sinners can get salvation of their souls. This anointed one is none other than JESUS.

Purushsukt says, "Nanya panthah vidhyatey nyayah" - Even by the thousands of good works you can not get to heaven, except through Brahmdev who gave Himself as sacrifice,."

So there is none other than "JESUS" who can save you from your sins.

Through the Valley of Death & other Books

As many of you know that in the year 2005, our dad was very sick even unto death. God miraculously healed him. We have compiled it in a book form. I sure believe that it will inspire you and encourage you greatly.

This book is available for purchase at JasmineCorp Store

Also read these two books by Sherly Isaac "Allah and Elohim - Are they the same God" Available at JasmineCorp Store, and "Is Jesus God?" Available at JasmineCorp Store,

Both books compares the Bible and the Quran and read eye opening facts about Jesus, God of the Bible, Allah and Islamic faith. I am sure that you want to read this.

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