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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 10 / Issue 41 / November 13 2008

Contents of this issue

Testimony of Bro. James - Part 1
Through the Valley of Death
A New Christian Song Website

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Through the Valley of Death & other Books
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O LORD, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!

By Sherly Isaac

David was running for his life as his own son Absalom stood against him. David was in deep trouble and when he heard the news that Ahithophel one of his wise counselors betrayed him and went with Absalom, it disturbed him greatly. In distress he cried out, "O LORD, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!"(2 Sam 15:31).

Ahithophel was a man of wisdom. His advice had been so perfect as if the counsel was from the mouth of God Himself. We read in 2 Sam 16:23, "Now the advice of Ahithophel, which he gave in those days, was as if one had inquired at the oracle of God. So was all the advice of Ahithophel both with David and with Absalom." Later we read in the Bible that David's prayer was answered and indeed Ahithophel's advice was defeated.

This one line prayer was the reason behind it, "O LORD, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!" Destruction was in front of David, but this tiny prayer not only turned the situation around for David but also gave him protection from his enemies and gave him his kingdom back. This tiny prayer restored his life.

At times we do not know the dangers in front of us, but if we pray asking for God to turn the counsel of our enemies into foolishness, He will foil the plots and evil plans of our enemies into foolishness. He will not allow our enemies to overpower and destroy our lives no matter how wise they may be.

You may think, oh, I do not have any enemy in my life, but the day you decide to walk with Jesus, the day you accept Him as your Lord and Savior, devil will become your number one enemy. He will try his level best to destroy your life bringing all kinds of temptations, troubles, heartbreaks and problems. But there is a God who can turn the wisdom of devil to foolishness.

I know that volumes have been written regarding the other prayers of the Bible, but over the years, this tiny prayer has been one of the most favorite prayers of mine. I have prayed this prayer often and seen results. At times God protected us from dangerous situations, at times God threw away the evil plots and plans of the devil and saved our lives from utter destruction. At times He protected us from deadly diseases and at times from the demonic powers of witchcraft that could have killed us.

Yes, many a times, God literally threw away the evil plans of enemies and spared our lives.

The same God is willing to bring protection and restoration in your life. He said in Psa 50:15, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me." Just call upon His mighty name and He will answer you from heaven. He will come running for your rescue. He will not allow your enemy to destroy your life.

Testimony of Bro. James - Part 1

Family Background
I was born to Christian parents, as second son, for I have an older brother and a younger brother. My parents were very poor, that made them to bring us up in poor condition. The economical condition of my family, didn’t allow my parents to put me in a better school than BH School at Ranipet. But they were very particular to bring us up in Christian way of life, as a devoted Christian.

School Life
Till Seventh class I was very strictly controlled by my parents to live as a Christian, but when I entered in to Eighth class, friends became my central focus in my life. I gave more importance to my friends than my family members. I used to do whatever my friends expected. During those days I used to get angry with no reason, and hit others with whatever I get in my hand. From Second class I studied in a Hindu School. Though I was brought up in good Christian atmosphere in my home, but the school I studied was a Hindu School, I thought that I should go along with the tidal waves of my Hindu friends, in order to satisfy them. Otherwise, I thought that they will desert me. So I went with them to the temple and worshipped their gods. I started reading the Hindu literatures and became deeply immersed into Hindu beliefs. Inside the school I behaved as Hindu, applying saffron powder on my forehead. People inside the school testify that James is a Hindu but outside the school and in my home; I acted as a Christian, removing the saffron powder from my forehead, because I am named as James. But day and night, I used to sing Devaram, Thiruvasagam and other bhajans. I like Sankarayna pooja, which I used conduct very often. I started hating Jesus Christ, because, I felt going to the temples along with my friends, gives me joy and security than going to the Church. I thought that my friends are my security and joy givers.

I somehow entered into tenth class. I am not a bright and outstanding student. I do not have the knowledge to understand my subjects. That was the condition of my studies. It was the standing rules of the school that all those who studying in tenth class should stay in the school till late night for extra tuition. The school used to conduct tests and examination, because we were staying the school, along the friends, we used steal the question papers which were kept in the school office. Unless we steal the question paper we will write our exams well. We also used sell those question papers to other students and earn money for our personal expenses. Things done in the colleges, we used to do them in the school itself.

Betrayal of blue carbon strains
When the quarterly exam came, we almost stole all the question papers of the all the subject except the Science subject. In those days my science teacher was very strict and the subject also was very tough for us to understand. Just one day before the science exam we were waiting for the opportunity to steal the question paper. The opportunity came as we expected. All students went to their home for dinner. The teacher and the staff were in the garden watching the plants and flowers. Fortunately the office doors were kept opened and were not locked. In spur of the moment we put the master plan and my friends encouraged me to put the plan in action. As per our plan we kept the signalers in different points to give signal if somebody enters the office.

The stage was set. I slowly entered into the office and searched for the science question paper. But I could not find the bundle anywhere. So I entered into the adjoining room, where mimeograph machine is kept. There also I could not find the science question paper. Immediately my mind went to the dustbin where the carbon papers were dumped in. I searched the science question paper in that dustbin. Finally I found one carbon paper with some questions typed in it. By that time one of my friends called “James come out”. Hurriedly I kept that carbon paper inside the shirt and came running. While coming out I knocked one of the teachers entering the room and ran out of the campus. Immediately I gave the carbon paper to another friend mine and asked him to leave the place immediately and to come on next day only.

Following this incident, all the friends together entered into the school campus casually, as though nothing has taken place. The peon came to us to inform that school clerk was calling us. Although we had fear within us, we went boldly as innocent people. By the time all the admin. staff gathered together in front of the office. As soon as we went to them, the clerk asked me face to face, why I went inside the office? Though all my friends were standing along with me, he did not question them; but he asked me pointedly. “I went to the office in order to drink water”, thus I said. He said when there are twenty taps kept everywhere, why should you go inside the office to take that particular water?” I tried to pacify them but they did not believe my answer. While they were interrogating me, the clerk suddenly noticed blue stains all over my shirt. Pointing to the stains he asked me what are those black stains in your shirt? Till that time either my friends or I never noticed that stains of blue carbon paper. As soon as I was caught in red-handed, all my friends betrayed me together saying that they don’t know anything about what had happened. They told that they don’t have any part in this episode. When they said like this, they were sent out and I was asked to stay back.
The clerk warned to confess the truth. Finally he himself told me that I had gone inside the office to take the question paper, so he asked me to accept my faults; otherwise the consequence will be unimaginable. While talking with me, he mentioned my father’s name, which earned good reputation in his work and among the public, and told me that I was born to such a good person to spoil his reputation. When he used such a comment about my father, something struck into my heart. Further he told me, you can go now, but when you come tomorrow morning, bring all those papers you have taken, otherwise, your transfer certificate will be given to you and your name will be removed from the school.

When I came out I saw four of my friends standing afar. As soon as I saw them I got angry because we all together planned and did the work together and now they joined together betrayed me. All these years I was thinking that friends are my security and they can do anything for me. But this incident proved me that friends also can deceive me.

To be continued....

Through the Valley of Death

As many of you know that three years back our dad was very sick even unto death. God miraculously healed him. We have compiled it in a book form. I sure believe that it will inspire you and encourage you greatly.

This book is available for purchase at amazon.com

A New Christian Song Website

Now you can hear and watch Christian Songs in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and in English. More languages will follow. Please visit at: Masihi Geet website

Through the Valley of Death & other Books

As many of you know that in the year 2005, our dad was very sick even unto death. God miraculously healed him. We have compiled it in a book form. I sure believe that it will inspire you and encourage you greatly.

This book is available for purchase at JasmineCorp Store

Also read these two books by Sherly Isaac "Allah and Elohim - Are they the same God" Available at JasmineCorp Store, and "Is Jesus God?" Available at JasmineCorp Store,

Both books compares the Bible and the Quran and read eye opening facts about Jesus, God of the Bible, Allah and Islamic faith. I am sure that you want to read this.

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