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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 3 / Issue 34 / September 27 2001

Contents of this issue

Surviving the 81st floor of World Trade Tower Two
Another testimony of Indian couple who survived from WTC
Men who missed the mark
WTC Condolence Page
Florida Contact person

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Through the Valley of Death & other Books
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Kids Page - Free Tutorials
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Last week I got this email from Bombay, India, "You have been very bold in talking about SIN....appreciated.... Whenever there has been a disaster you have related it to some disobedience. Yes, I very much agree.... But to my astonishment this is the First time when things at World Trade Center.... took place you have not commented anything... "

Further the email says that, "it is because of sin of America this great tragedy took place. THIS is the first
time you have not spoken about SIN part... Can you explain why have you not been bold enough..."

Well, I agree that because of our sin, problems and tragedy can take place but every tragedy is not because of sin. Many bad things happen to good people and to those who are walking in the perfect ways of God. We read in 1 Samuel 29th and 30th chapter that David and his men departed to go back to their place and when they reached Ziklag they found that the Amalekites had invaded the South and Ziklag, attacked Ziklag and burned it with fire, and had taken captive the women and those who were there, from small to great; they did not kill anyone, but carried them away and went their way. (1 Samuel 30:1-2)

The Bible further says in 1 Samuel 30:4, 6 & 8, "Then David and the people who were with him lifted up their voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep. Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God. So David inquired of the LORD, saying, "Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?" And He answered him, "Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all."

Here we see David in almost the same condition as what happened in World Trade Center. David was attacked for no genuine reason. But he was attacked because he stood for Israel and for the God of Israel. He reached to a stage where he lost everything. But God told him to pursue his enemy and he will recover all. What happened in World Trade Center is because America stood with Israel and supported Israel. And I believe that God is going to restore everything which America lost. God has shaken this nation for a short period but He is going to sweep this nation with His mighty power and a great revival is going to break through in this land. This land has seen the worst thing but now it will see its best which is yet to come. And it is necessary to pray for this country and for the authorities of this country so that God will give them wisdom to do according to His will and purpose.

Today I am publishing two miraculous survivors story of World Trade Center. I got both the stories almost at the same time and to my surprise both are almost the same. One story is courtesy by, "A/G News--Assemblies of God News Service." Version No. "A/G NEWS #601: September 14, 2001" and other is courtesy by "Maranatha Gospel Mission".

Surviving the 81st floor of World Trade Tower Two

Courtesy,"A/G News--Assemblies of God News Service." Version No.:"A/G NEWS #601: September 14, 2001"

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, began like any other day for Bethel Assembly of God deacon and Sunday school superintendent Stanley Praimnath of Elmont, Long Island. He got up early, took a shower, prayed, got ready and headed for work. The drive was uneventful. The train ride was the same. Yet, this day he would see the hand
of God spare his life.

"For some particular reason, I gave the Lord a little extra of myself that morning [during prayer]," Stanley said. "I said, 'Lord, cover me and all my loved ones under your precious blood.' And even though I said that and believed it, I said it over and over and over."

When Stanley arrived at World Trade Center Tower Two, he took the elevator up to his office on the 81st floor. "I work for the Fuji Bank Limited," he said. "I'm an assistant vice president in the Loans Operations Department. The company is located on the 79th through 82nd floors."

Stanley greeted Delise, a young lady who had arrived before him. After talking briefly, he headed over to his desk and picked up his phone to retrieve his messages.

"As I'm standing there retrieving my messages, I'm looking out at the next building, One World Trade, and I saw fire falling through from the roof," Stanley said. "Now, this entire building is surrounded by glass, and you can stand up and from there you can see all the buildings, planes and everything flying at the same altitude."

As Stanley saw "fire balls" coming down, his first reaction was to think of his boss who works in that building. He decided to try to call him to see if he was okay. "I'm dialing his number, and getting no response. So, I say to Delise, the temp, 'Go, go, go--let's get out."

Delise and Stanley got on the elevator and went down to the 78th floor. Some other people were there. The company's president, the CEO, the human resources director and two other gentlemen joined the group and headed down to the concourse level of Two World Trade Center.

If they had continued on and exited the building, all of their lives would have been spared. As it was, that's not the way it happened. "As soon as we reached the concourse level, the security guard stopped us and said, 'Where are you going?'

Stanley explained about seeing the fire in Tower One. According to Stanley, the guard said, "Oh, that was just an accident. Two World Trade is secured. Go back to your office."

That turned out to be fatal advice--aside from Stanley, Delise was the only one of that group to survive.

"We were joking, and I told [Human Resources Director] Brian Thompson, 'This is a good time to think of relocating this building--it's not safe anymore.' " Stanley headed back to his office, but before he got there, he told Delise, that with the events of the day, she should go home and relax.

Thompson went to the 82nd floor, the president and CEO went to the 79th floor and Stanley got out on the 81st floor. When Stanley got to his office, his phone was ringing. "It was someone from Chicago calling to find out if I'm watching the news," he said. He told the caller everything "was fine."

But everything wasn't fine--far from it. As Stanley was talking, he looked up and saw United Airlines Flight 175 heading straight for him.

"All I can see is this big gray plane, with red letters on the wing and on the tail, bearing down on me," said Stanley. "But this thing is happening in slow motion. The plane appeared to be like 100 yards away, I said 'Lord, you take control, I can't help myself here.' "

Stanley then dove under his desk. "My Testament [Bible] was on top of my desk," explained Stanley. "I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord was going to take care of me once I got there." As he curled into a fetal position under his desk, the plane tore into the side of the building and exploded.

Miraculously, Stanley was unhurt. However, he could see a flaming wing of the plane in the doorway of his department. He knew he needed to get out of his office and the building fast. But, he was trapped under debris up to his shoulders. "Lord, you take control, this is your problem now," he recalled praying. "I don't know where I got this power from, but the good Lord, He gave me so much power and strength in my body that I was able to shake everything off. I felt like I was the strongest man alive."

All the while, Stanley was asking to the Lord to spare his life. "I'm crying and I'm praying, 'Lord, I have things to do..., I want to see my family, Lord, help me through.' "

Stanley's office resembled a battle zone--walls flattened into dusty heaps, office equipment strewn violently, flames flickering about and rubble everywhere. "Everything I'm trying to climb on [to get out] is collapsing and I'm going down," he said. "I'm getting cuts and bruises, but I'm saying, 'Lord, I have to go home to my loved ones, I have to make it, You have to help me.' "

Suddenly Stanley saw the light of a flashlight. For a moment, it stunned him. "What were the chances of someone bringing a flashlight to this floor?," he thought. "My first gut reaction was, 'This is my guardian angel--my Lord sent somebody to save me!' "

Stanley began screaming, "I see the light, I see the light." But after clawing his way through the debris, he realized that he couldn't get out--all the exits were blocked and his "guardian angel" couldn't get to him--a wall was between him and the staircase. "He can't get to me and I can't get to him, and by this time I can't breathe," Stanley said. "I don't know if it was sulfur or what [burning jet fuel, perhaps], but I can smell this thing. I got down on my knees and said, "Lord, you've got to help me. You've brought me this far, help me to get to the staircase."

But then Stanley did something surprising. While praying on his knees, Stanley called out to the man behind the wall, "There's one thing I got to know, do you know Jesus?" The man replied he went to church every Sunday. Then they prayed together to enable them to break through the wall.

"I got up, and I felt as if a power came over me," said Stanley. "I felt goose bumps all over my body and I'm trembling, and I said to the wall, 'You're going to be no match for me and my Lord.' " Moments later, he punched his way through the wall and, with the help of the man on the other side, was able to squirm his way through the hole in the wall. "The guy held me and embraced me and he gave me a kiss and he said, 'From today, you're my brother for life.' "

But the danger wasn't over. The man on the other side of the wall, who introduced himself as Brian, was an older gentleman and they still had 81 floors to walk down, with the building on fire and, unknown to them, in danger of collapse. "We hobbled our way down, and at every floor we stopped to see if anybody was there, but
nobody was..., but a man was on the floor, and his back was gone, and he was covered in blood."

Stanley asked to be allowed to carry the man out, but a security guard told him it would be better to send somebody up. When they finally made it down to the concourse, only firefighters were there. "They were saying, 'Run! Run! Run!', they were telling us to run out, but they were not concerned about themselves," he said.

Stanley and Brian would have ran from the building, but now the concourse was surrounded with fire. Wetting themselves under the building's sprinkler system, they held hands and ran through the flames to safety to Trinity Church about two blocks away. "I wanted to go to the church to thank God," Stanley explained, "As
soon as I held onto the gate of that church, the building [World Trade Center Tower Two] collapsed."

Stanley and Brian made there way safely out of the danger area. Before they parted, Stanley gave his business card to Brian in hopes of contact at a later time, and said, "If I don't see you, I'll see you in heaven."

Cut and bloodied, with clothes tattered and wearing a borrowed shirt, Stanley finally made it home hours later to his wife Jennifer and his two girls, Stephanie (age 8) and Caitlin (age 4). "I held my wife and my two children and we cried," said Stanley. After thanking God for sparing his life, Stanley told God whatever he did, it will always be for His glory. "I'm so sore, but every waking moment, I say 'Lord, had you not been in control, I would not have made it.'

"For some divine reason, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the good Lord's mighty hand turned the plane a fraction from where I was standing," said Stanley. "Because when it crash-landed, it was just 20 feet from me. I don't care who would rationalize--what people would say now or years from now, but I know it was the handiwork of the Lord that turned that plane. My Lord Jesus is bigger than the Trade Center and His finger can push a plane

--Dan Van Veen

Another testimony of Indian couple who survived from WTC

Dear friends and family, " Rejoice for the steps of a righteous man is ordered of the Lord.." Even though darkness surrounds us and death looms all over us. The peace we have in the name of the Lord....that sweet name of Jesus.

It's a big miracle that I am alive this moment. Most of you know that we used to work in the World Trade Center in Manhattan. I used to work on the 81st floor of WTC One and my wife Mini on 71st floor of WTC Two. Let me tell you what happened. I reached my work at 7:30 in the morning. I just faxed out some documents and was returning to my desk and I heard this real loud explosion..our building shook and tilted...screams went out all over our floor..the first aircraft had hit the floor above us. Soon debris from the aircraft flew into our office and everything started going up in flames. Everyone held their calm and we started making our way to the stairway. That moment my heart sank as I had no clue if the plane had hit our tower or the one my wife was working in. She is about to enter the building as she starts work at 9 in the morn.

We were all being evacuated through the stairway...my cellphone would not work so I had no idea to reach my wife. So as I came down I entered an office on the 53 floor and tried to make some calls...the only number I could reach was my cousin's wife who lived in Queens, NY. I told her that I was fine and that I am coming down the stairs..but I was really worried about my wife, then I continued my run down the stairs. While we were going down there were hundreds of firemen and policemen going up to rescue people trapped. These brave men will never make it to their homes. So they escorted us thru the exit of World Trade 2 and I had just reached the revolving door of the building that I heard a loud explosion and the whole building collapsed. Would u believe that my friends..the 110 story building collapsed and I was at the door of the building with everything flying over us, boulders, mortar. Few of us huddled to one end of the building and God gave me this strength that saw me thru.. I started pleading the blood of Jesus..told the people around me that all of us were gonna die and if there was anyone who did not know Christ to call upon His name. So everyone started crying..Jesus! When you are near death believe me some people are so ready to accept our Jesus. By then the whole building had fallen and we were in the debris..not a single boulder or any material fell on me. I found myself in 3 ft of while soot...I got up...by then there was silence..I could see dead bodies all over. God directed me to a guy on the ground who had a search light on. I picked him up...and said only Jesus can save us and that we had to live.

When he was up I saw this jacket which had FBI written on it. We held our hands...and started walking thru the rubble.. that flash light saved our lives....we could not see anything miles..it was like a snow blizzard..all the concrete and ash flying allover. The Holy Spirit then showed me a light flashing on top of an ambulance so I told this FBI guy that light was where we had to head to cause that ambulance was on the street. We somehow made to the ambulance which was hit badly by the flying mortar but God had kept the flashing light on just for me. From there on it was quite easy making our way out. But the feeling that gripped was that my wife Mini who was to be on WTC 2 she should be dead. All kinds of images went thru my mind..

Crowds started running from all over downtown to safer places far away from the skyscrapers. We ran, walked for an hour and throughout the whole time from 8:45 am when the first plane landed I was trying to use my cellphone to no vain. 12 pm and my cell rings...it was Mini and she said she was alive and when she heard my voice she realised that I was alive. This is another miracle of how I received this call as anyone was able to make or receive calls. Mini had not made it to the Tower..her train reached the site 5 mins after the first crash so she did not make it to the Towers. She was hysterical on the streets thinking I was dead and she could see people jumping out of the building.

Both of us were alive. She reached 39th street in Manhattan near the Ferry and somehow I reached there. We looked back and could see our building both in ashes all that remained the smoke going up.

I cannot explain the sense of relief that we had when we saw each other. Both of us were so close to believing that we would not see each other. When that explosion took place and the building was crumbling over me I could see the pics of my wife, my parents, grandmother loved ones flash thru my mind and now what a relief that we are alive.

God is so good. This story of our is too good to be true. I have no scratch on my body. Let me tell you something friends God knows the count of our hair and our God never sleeps or slumbers. His coming is so soon . Live each Day as if He is coming today.

Appreciate all your prayers. My heart goes out for thousands who died in our building many of them people we knew.
God Bless you all.
Sujo & Mini

Men who missed the mark

By Sheela Isaac

In my previous message I wrote about King Solomon. We saw how God blessed him. He gave him everything-enormous riches and wisdom. Nobody could stand before him because of his great wisdom. He wrote great books of Bible, God appeared before him twice to bless him. But finally we find that he lost everything. You may be thinking "he lost what, he lost nothing." He was king till the end. He never lost his riches, glory, money, wealth or status.

But he lost the main thing the most important thing without which life is meaningless and void. What did he lose? He lost the presence of God. He lost the fellowship of God. He lost the eternal joy and peace. He might have lost heaven too. Bible clearly talks about him that God became his adversary. God was angry at him. That was a sad end for a great king.

He lost God's fellowship and grace because of sin. Yes my friend, sin brings disaster in life. Sin destroys. Solomon missed the mark due to sin.

Now let us see the life of another man, who got all the good fortune who got the kingdom which Solomon had. His name is Jeroboam. He got ten pieces out of twelve of the kingdom of Solomon.

1 Ki 11:31, "And he said to Jeroboam, "Take for yourself ten pieces, for thus says the LORD, the God of Israel: 'Behold, I will tear the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon and will give ten tribes to you". 1 Ki 11:37, 'So I will take you, and you shall reign over all your heart desires, and you shall be king over Israel'.

Here God raises a person to the position of king who once was nobody. Who even could not stay peacefully in his own homeland. He was running to save his own life from king Solomon. Bible says that Jeroboam had to flee from his own land and had to live as a stranger as a foreigner in the land of Egypt (1 Ki 11:40). Here God calls this man to become a leader and a king over 10 tribes of Israel.

What a great God who can raise anybody from ashes. Our God is a great God, who does mighty things which we cannot even think of. He is able to raise anybody from pigpen. He is able to do mighty things in anybody's life. If you are willing to walk in His ways, He will raise you up and give you all the blessings.

Now, God is speaking here to Jeroboam giving the same set terms, the same conditions as was given to Solomon. 1 Ki 11:38, 'Then it shall be, if you heed all that I command you, walk in My ways, and do what is right in My sight, to keep My statutes and My commandments, as My servant David did, then I will be with you and build for you an enduring house, as I built for David, and will give Israel to you'.

Here Jeroboam is facing the same challenges and rules as Solomon did. God says "if you walk in My ways, if you do what is right in my sight, if you follow me diligently, if you keep my commandment, then I will be with you and build for you an enduring house". Now the question is how this man was able to face these challenges. Today we are going through the same situation. God did not change. His conditions did not change a bit. Many think that God of (NT) New Testament is different from the God of (OT) Old Testament. Certainly not. Many preach today saying God of OT is jealous God, God of OT is God of punishment but God of NT, Jesus is very loving God, who keeps His eyes closed when people sin. No my friend that is not true. God of Old Testament and Jesus are one and the same. If you read Bible very carefully you will find that Jesus came down to fulfill the laws and commandments of God. Jesus said in, Mat 5:17, "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill". On the one side Jesus is the very kind and compassionate God but on the other side He is a righteous judge. He does not delight in sin. He is holy and that is why He says, "be holy as I am holy."

Now what happened to this man Jeroboam whom God raised to the position of king out of nobody? Could he walk in the ways of God. Could he please God? No, sadly enough to say he could not. He did more evil than what Solomon did. Read all these verses: 1 Ki 12:28, "Therefore the king asked advice, made two calves of gold, and said to the people, "It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem. Here are your gods, O Israel, which brought you up from the land of Egypt!" 1 Ki 12:29, "And he set up one in Bethel, and the other he put in Dan". 1 Ki 12:30, "Now this thing became a sin, for the people went to worship before the one as far as Dan". 1 Ki 12:31, "He made shrines on the high places, and made priests from every class of people, who were not of the sons of Levi'.

Here Bible says that Jeroboam sinned by following other gods and idols. He made golden calves and said "this is your god, follow him". He changed the image of almighty God with an idol.

Not only did he sin but he failed to repent from his evil ways. He kept on sinning.

1 Ki 13:33, "After this event Jeroboam did not turn from his evil way, but again he made priests from every class of people for the high places; whoever wished, he consecrated him, and he became one of the priests of the high places.

1 Ki 13:34, "And this thing was the sin of the house of Jeroboam, so as to exterminate and destroy it from the face of the earth.

His sin was grievous in the sight of God and God said to Jeroboam through His prophet:

1 Ki 14:7, "Go, tell Jeroboam, 'Thus says the LORD God of Israel: "Because I exalted you from among the people, and made you ruler over My people Israel," 1 Ki 14:8, "and tore the kingdom away from the house of David, and gave it to you; and yet you have not been as My servant David, who kept My commandments and who followed Me with all his heart, to do only what was right in My eyes;" 1 Ki 14:9, "but you have done more evil than all who were before you, for you have gone and made for yourself other gods and molded images to provoke Me to anger, and have cast Me behind your back;" 1 Ki 14:10, "therefore behold! I will bring disaster on the house of Jeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam every male in Israel, bond and free; I will take away the remnant of the house of Jeroboam, as one takes away refuse until it is all gone". 1 Ki 14:11, "The dogs shall eat whoever belongs to Jeroboam and dies in the city, and the birds of the air shall eat whoever dies in the field; for the LORD has spoken!"'

God spoke these above said verses to Jeroboam. How horrible it is. What God spoke did come to pass exactly in his life. We find that his son dies because of his sin. 1 Ki 14:12, "Arise therefore, go to your own house. When your feet enter the city, the child shall die". 1 Ki 14:17, "Then Jeroboam's wife arose and departed, and came to Tirzah. When she came to the threshold of the house, the child died".

Sin is terrible. It is horrible, it brings disaster. When a person fails to walk in the ways of God it bring disaster, when a family fails to walk in the ways of God it bring destruction, when a community fails to walk in the ways of God it brings ruin. The stories of Solomon and Jeroboam are great examples of destruction. Bible gives examples not limited to one or two stories, but there are many more who missed the mark. All the stories ended in a similar way. We find destruction all over. Nobody ever survived rejecting God. Nobody can ever find peace and happiness while living in sin.

How is your life today. Let these stories be a great reminder for us. God raised them with a purpose but when they failed in that mission the same God turned His face from them, the same God left them without grace. We hear much talk about grace, but let me tell you, grace does not stay forever. When a person continue to fail God, that grace leaves him/her. Let us not live continually in sin thinking that grace is always available. Let us not reject God (Jesus) deliberately who is patiently waiting for our return.

What ever may be your situation today. How far you might have gone in sin, but you have a chance to come back. Jesus is calling you. You can get rid of your sins through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. You can come back. Look toward Jesus Christ. If you repent from your sins He will forgive you and make you His child. Please pray from the bottom of your heart this prayer to get redemption and to obtain a place in heaven.

Lord Jesus, please come into my heart. Forgive my sins. Wash away my sins with your precious blood. Cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Wash away all my evil deeds in your precious blood. Lord it is your promise, "Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool". I claim this promise today. According to your word, cleanse me and make me whole. Lord I praise you for hearing my cry. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

WTC Condolence Page

We have put some photos at http://csichurch.org and by clicking you can view bigger images. You can also Leave a condolence Message at condolence page.

Thank you
CSI Web Team

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Through the Valley of Death & other Books

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This book is available for purchase at JasmineCorp Store

Also read these two books by Sherly Isaac "Allah and Elohim - Are they the same God" Available at JasmineCorp Store, and "Is Jesus God?" Available at JasmineCorp Store,

Both books compares the Bible and the Quran and read eye opening facts about Jesus, God of the Bible, Allah and Islamic faith. I am sure that you want to read this.

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