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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 3 / Issue 52 / February 7 2002

Contents of this issue

The Road of treason
Celebrating 3rd B'day! - II
Our Apologies

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By Sherly Isaac

Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."

Bible tells us about the early training for kids. Kids are like dough, you can mould them as you want in their tender age. You can not mould the dough after putting it in oven and after the bread is baked. The same thing is with every kid, they can be shaped and molded in their young age. The author of proverbs tells us that, "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." The training that a child gets in his/her childhood days lasts all his life. As a parent it is your duty to mould your child so that he/she may choose the right direction.

We read in the Bible about Eli's sons that they were wicked. Bible says in 1 Samuel 2:12, "Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD. " And in 1 Samuel 3:13, "For I have told him that I will judge his house forever for the iniquity which he knows, because his sons made themselves vile, and he did not restrain them."

Eli knew the wickedness of his sons but he did not restrain them and he and his family saw the terrible consequences of sin. We read further that Eli and his sons were killed, Israelites were defeated and the Ark of God was captured. That's what happens when parents do not take care of their children. That's what happens when parents ignore their responsibilities. If your kids are living in sin, drugs, sex, gay lifestyle and alcoholism, you are responsible for your kid's bad lifestyle. As a parent God has given you responsibility and authority to mould your children to the way that they can walk uprightly.

Sad story of John Walker Lindh the American Taliban is no different from Eli's sons. Not only the horrifying event of 11 Sep. 2001 which took place in World trade center of New York shook the whole world but also the most shocking discovery when they found one American young man fighting with Al-Qaeda against his own country. John Walker Lindh raised in a Catholic home in America, embraced Islam at the age of 16 and was very passionate for his new found religion. He went Yemen to learn Arabic and Islam and ended up in Al-Qaeda - terrorist organization. His parents did not pay much attention of what he was doing but they were proud of his choice of alternative religion. We all know rest of the sad story of a young boy who did bad choices and now is in prison. That's what happens when you do not pay attention to your kids.

But we read another story of a small child in the Bible whose name was Samuel. Her mother dedicated him in the house of God when Samuel was very young. And the Bible tells us that, "Samuel ministered before the LORD, even as a child, wearing a linen ephod."(1 Samuel 2:18), "....Meanwhile the child Samuel grew before the LORD." (1 Samuel 2:21) and in 1 Sam 2:26, "the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor both with the LORD and men." And the Bible tells us that Samuel became a prophet who walked uprightly before God.

My dear parents, do you think that your children are going in wrong direction? Do you think that you have lost all your hopes about your child? Look to Jesus who came in this world to rescue the perishing and to deliver those who are in bondage. No matter what your situation today is, Jesus can help you and you can have a fresh start. Repent from your sins and dedicate your lives to Christ.

In this issue I am publishing a column about American Taliban - John Walker Lindh titled "The Road to Treason" by Jeff Jacoby. Jeff Jacoby is a columnist for The Boston Globe. To receive his columns by e-mail, send a note with your name and e-mail address to columns@earthlink.net
This article is published by the permission of the Author Mr. Jeff Jacoby and with courtesy of http://bigeye.com

The Road of treason

By Jeff Jacoby - The Boston Globe,December 13, 2001

It isn't the case that the parents of John Walker -- the Marin County child of privilege turned Taliban terrorist -- never drew the line with their son.

True, they didn't do so when he was 14 and his consuming passion was collecting hip-hop CDs with especially nasty lyrics. And true, they didn't put their foot down when he announced at 16 that he was going to drop out of Tamiscal High School -- the elite "alternative" school where students determined their

own course of study and only saw a teacher once a week.

And granted, they didn't interfere when he abruptly decided to become a Muslim after reading *The Autobiography of Malcolm X,* grew a beard, and took to wearing long white robes and an oversized skullcap.

On the contrary: His father was "proud of John for pursuing an alternative course" and his mother told friends that it was "good for a child to find a passion."
Nor did they object when he began spending more and more time at a local mosque and set about trying to memorize the Koran.
Nor when he asked his parents to pay his way to Yemen so he could learn to speak "pure" Arabic. Nor when they learned that his new circle of friends included gunmen who had been to Chechnya to fight the Russians.
Nor when he headed to Pakistan to join a madrassah in a region known to be a stronghold of Islamist extremists.

His parents also didn't balk when he went to fight in Afghanistan -- but that, at least, they didn't know about: Walker hadn't told them. Perhaps by that point he had learned to take their consent for granted.

Only once, it seems, did Frank Lindh and Marilyn Walker actually deny their son something he wanted. When he first adopted Islam and took the name Suleyman, they refused to use it and insisted on calling him John. After all, he had been

named for one of the giants of our time: John Lennon.
Their refusal must have amazed him. For as long as he could remember, his oh-so-progressive parents had answered "Yes" to his every whim, indulged his every fancy, permitted -- even praised -- his every passion. The only thing they insisted on was that nothing be insisted on. Nothing in his life was important enough for them to make an issue of: not his

schooling, not his religion, not his appearance, not even whether he stayed in America or moved -- while still a minor -- to a benighted Third World oligarchy halfway around the world. Nothing.

Except, of course, their right to call him by the name of their favorite Beatle.

Devout practitioners of the self-obsessed nonjudgmentalism for which the Bay Area is renowned, Lindh and Walker appear never to have rebuked their son or criticized his choices. In their world, there were no absolutes, no fixed truths, no mandatory behavior, no thou-shalt-nots. If they had one conviction, it was that all convictions are worthy -- that nothing is intolerable except intolerance.

But even in Marin County, there are times when children need to hear "No" and "Don't." They need to know that there are limits they must respect and expectations they must try to live up to. If they cannot find those limits and expectations at home, they are apt to look for them elsewhere. Newsweek calls it "truly perplexing" that Walker, who "grew up in possibly the most liberal, tolerant place in America . . . was drawn to the most illiberal, intolerant sect in Islam." There is nothing perplexing about it. He craved standards and discipline. Mom and Dad didn't offer any. The Taliban did.

Even when it was clear that their son was sinking into Islamist fanaticism, they wouldn't pull back on the reins. When Osama bin Laden's terrorists bombed the USS Cole and killed 17 American servicemen, Walker e-mailed his father that the attack had been justified, since by docking the ship in Yemen, the United States had committed "an act of war." Lindh now says that the message "raised my concerns" -- but that didn't stop him from wiring Walker another $1,200. After all, says Dad, "my days of molding him were over." It isn't clear that they ever began.

It undoubtedly came as a jolt to his parents when Walker turned up at the fortress near Mazar-i-Sharif, sporting an AK-47 and calling himself Abdul Hamid. But the revelation that their son had enlisted in Al Qaeda and supported the Sept. 11 attacks brought no words of reproach -- or self-reproach -- to their lips.

Walker deserved "a little kick in the butt" for keeping them in the dark about his plans, his father said, but otherwise they just wanted to "give him a big hug." His mother, meanwhile, was quite sure that "if he got involved with the Taliban he must have been brainwashed. . . . When you're young and impressionable, it's easy to be led by charismatic people."

Yes, it is, and it's a pity that that didn't occur to her sooner. If she and Lindh had been less concerned with flaunting their open-mindedness and more concerned with developing their son's moral judgment, he wouldn't be where he is today. Walker is responsible for his own behavior and he will pay the price the law requires. But his road to treason and jihad didn't begin in Afghanistan. It began in Marin County, with parents who never said "No."

(Jeff Jacoby is a columnist for The Boston Globe. To receive his columns by e-mail, send a note with your name and e-mail address to columns@earthlink.net

Celebrating 3rd B'day! - II

By Sherly Isaac

Few more letter that we got last year:

To the csi news
"The Elohim and Allah are the same God"? Article is very interesting and it is very useful in my ministry. I thank CSI news letters for sending important messages.
yours in Christ
Pastor T. Jeremiah.

Thanks for those prompt issues of the CSI News letter. It keeps people like us linked so strongly with a vibrant diaspora community in the United States.
Rev. Vinod Victor
Former Synod Youth Director

Thank you for making me ONE among you & thank you alot for sending me your news letter.
Joshua dev.

I enjoyed going through your article...I read your masseges often and am very happy to note its content.
P.V. Varkey

It was really interesting to read the report on the messages of Bishop Sam Mathew Thirumeni at Chicago. What I liked most is the testimony on spiritual healing. In this modern age when people find it difficult to comprehend the dimension of spiritual healing, the witnesses of the healing power of God is very much needed. I pray that God strengthen our faith in Lord Jesus through the messages of Thirumeni , and bless the bishop abundantly to carry on the mission of the Gospel with renewed vigor.
Dr. L. Sam S. Manickam Ph.D.
Director & Chief Consultant Clinical Psychologist Centre for Applied Psychological Studies
Thiruvananthapuram, India

Thank you for sending the CSI News letter (Issue 27/Vol.3) Also please pray for me and my family to grow more spiritually.
With Prayers
Shaly Philip

I am regularly in receipt of csi news letter. thank you very much.
with prayers,

Dear brothers & sisters in christ
I am really very glad to hear from you. i got your newsletter. Thank you. it is so nice to read. I am not very well in English. But I can understand it. It is very useful for me to study bible correctly. Thanking you
Arun Sam

I'm writing you from the United States and I have been receiving your newsletter for over a month now. I'm writing you in order to let you know that I like your newsletter because it has substance.
Michael A. Session

I am writing from Tamil nadu, India.. I read your news letter with interest and thank you for the same. I was especially touched by your last letter. I am so happy to see that America is turning back to its God. I was always concerned about the growing godlessness of America, the greatest nation in the world whose founding fathers were very serious Christians.

It took the destruction of the WTC to get USA back on its knees where it belongs, before God. So many times God has warned his people in the books of the prophets that If the nations will not obey him he will remove the blessings and grace.. The prophet pleads.. turn, turn to the Lord, turn to the Lord with all of your heart, turn now with weeping, fasting and moaning, and then his spirit will move all over the land.. Hope America turns to its God and stands up for Christian values and Christ. I am praying for the you ministry.
yours in Christ

Dear Sherly,
I have gone through the latest news letter no.3V/issue 39 published on 1 Nov.2001. that was edited very nicely. Thanks

Dear Shibu,
Greetings from Benjamin. I am very Happy that LORD is using you in this new and wonderful Effort in Bringing our CSI church in the Global Presence through Internet. Pls Continue your Good Work I hope GOD will BLESS you Abundantly.
Thank You

Dear Brother/Sister
Thanks for your news letter. Its very interesting. God Bless You.
Best Regards

Dear friend in Christ,
Thanks a lot for sending those blessed words. I really enjoyed reading it and it has been, I am sure of great help for my spiritual growth.
With Prayers
Norden Michael Lepcha

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