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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 4 / Issue 30 / September 5 2002

Contents of this issue

O Jesus, Son of Maryam, Heal me -(3) Life Story
Prayer Request
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By Sherly Isaac

Hosea 2:15 I will give her her vineyards from there, And the Valley of Achor as a door of hope; She shall sing there, As in the days of her youth, As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.

Valley of Achor was a place where Israelites saw defeat while fighting for Ai where many of them died and many of their lives were in danger. They were in pain and sorrow, they were hurting very badly and they lost all their hopes. But God says in Hosea 2:15 that, "I will give the Valley of Achor as a door of hope."

The first anniversary of 11th Sep. is soon approaching. The land is still in pain and hurt. New York city had experienced the worst. Many lost their loved ones and many were left without any comfort. Lisa Beamer's husband died, as the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania field. Lisa's husband was one of the passengers who overpowered the hijackers. At that time their two kids were 4 and 2 years old and their third child was on the way and born in January 2002. It is not only the story of Lisa but there are hundreds who have similar stories. I saw some photos of those who lost their husbands in this tragic event and left behind very young kids. Some kids were born after their father's death. Many lost their mothers in this incident. Yes, life is pretty hard but God says, in the very place where you are hurting and where you saw horrible things, where you lost all your hopes, I will make this place a "Door of Hope". The same place where you are hurting badly will be turned to be the "Door of Hope".

Lisa writes in her article, "The Hope I know" which was published in, "Decision magazine/September edition" that, "Certainly, the grief is real and is a part of everyday life for now. Sadness, frustration, disbelief, anger and fear wash over me when I least expect them." Further she says in the same article that, "My relationship with God through Jesus has been the driving force in my life since my childhood, giving me hope for this life and for eternity. Never has this been more precious to me than in the days since September 11. God has shown me the reality of eternity in a dynamic way these past few months."

Yes, our lives are short in this world but if we have personal relationship with Jesus or if we have invited Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior then we need not to worry about our future. That's the only hope that helps us to keep on going in the midst of terrible tragedies and heartbreaks.

Another person who was in the 87th floor of north tower of WTC whose name is Samuel Jimenez Jr. The plane hit two floors above where he was. He felt as if the whole building swayed 10 feet both side. He ran down to save his life. He found himself bleeding and had glass pieces on his hair. Decision Magazine/September 2002 edition says, 'He thought that Christ had returned and that, to his utter horror, Jesus had not taken him. "The feeling that I had would change anybody," says Samuel. "It was the scariest moment of my life." Since that day, Samuel takes nothing for granted. Samuel bears a heavy burden for those he knows are without Christ and who will one day find themselves facing their Creator."

You may be hurting today but still you can have hope for tomorrow if you are in Jesus Christ. Because Jesus died on the cross and shed His precious blood so that we should not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus came to give us peace and hope that the world cannot give. If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then this is the day of your salvation. Invite Jesus in your life by praying this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Please forgive and forget all my sins and wash me with your precious blood. Today I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Come into my heart and fill my life with your divine peace that world cannot give. Let me enjoy in the midst of terrible heartbreaks and when I leave this world please give me entrance to heaven. So that I could enjoy in your presence forever. I pray this prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

O Jesus, Son of Maryam, Heal me -(3) Life Story

Till this time you have read that, Gulshan Fatima was paralyzed at her left side when she was only 6 months old. Her mother died when she was an infant. Her father loved her so much that he took her to England for treatment but when they heard the disappointing words of doctor, "it has no cure", their hearts broke down. Her father encouraged her and said, "We will go to Mecca and knock the door of Allah, and he will heal you." So they went to Mecca and visited Ka'aba - the house of Allah. Even she kissed the cubical shape of ka'aba but to their utter despair nothing happened. To avoid her father's troubled look, she kept her face down...

After visiting "Ka'aba" and "praying place of Abraham's", next they had to run between Safa and Marva. She laughed in her heart and thought, it is a good game. As others were taking it very seriously, she kept silence and did not say anything about it to others. Safa and Marva are two small hills, Muslims believe that Hagar and Ishmael were buried in this place. Muslims also believe that Hagar ran for help between these two hills when Abraham sent her away and water of skin was used up. Hadith also says that, "At that place Allah opened a spring of water, Abb﷓a-Zamzarn (the water of Life).

Gulshan went between these two hills for seven times on her wheelchair. Her father ordered a skin of water to be delivered in Hajj-camp. Some of the water was taken to Pakistan, her homeland and the rest of that was for her to bathe in. All these rituals took whole day. They returned to Hajj-camp without food and without rest and from there they had to go to , "Walk to Arafat". It was a place about which Muslims believe that Abraham went to offer his first born son as a sacrifice to God, but later he found a ram in the midst of bush. He offered ram instead of his son. This place was seven miles away from Mecca.

After that they went to the place where lambs were slaughtered for sacrifice. They stood in line and when their number came she put her hand on the lamb and one butcher killed the lamb, the other skinned it and sent it for sacrifice later. They had not to stay there until all the lambs were killed because of long line of people.

Second day everyone wished each other, "Happy Hajj". These were the days of feasting with friends and reconciliation with others. Because of her inability they did not stay at Mina but returned to Hajj-camp. As soon as they returned to Hajj-camp, she sat on a stool at bathroom. Sema supported her and Salima poured Zamzam (the water of life) on her with a plastic bucket. She was in great expectation of her complete healing but nothing happened at all. Her heart was heavy as her maids lifted her and dried her and dressed her. Within a few moments her father who was waiting in the next room for good news of her walking with her own legs came to see her. But when he saw that nothing happened he said, "It was not the will of Allah today. But we will not give up hope, Allah is most great" and went out quietly.

Many Hajjis return to their respective places but many visit Medina where Mohammed lived for 10 years and where his tomb is. They paid homage at the tomb of Mohammed which is situated in magnificent Madni Mosque. Tomb was covered with glass where people went around it and kissed the tomb with flying kisses. As Gulshan's father was a religion leader, she was allowed to go near the tomb. They stood there 2-3 minutes and prayed. They also visited other tombs in that area and Fatima (daughter of Mohammed)'s date garden from where they purchased 15Kg. dates which was very expensive.

From Madina they flew for Bethel Mukkoudus in Jerusalem. This is the place where Prophet Jesus walked and taught. All people of three faiths Jews, Christians and Muslims visit this place. In this place they stayed only for one night at a hotel near the Dome of the rock. But Gulshan was so upset because of her unanswered prayers and non-recovery, that she did not visit the masque. After that they visited Karbala and prayed for her healing but nothing happened.

From one month they were on pilgrimage and it was time to return home. While waiting for the Karachi plane, her father told her, "Allah is testing you and me both, so don't be discouraged and don't lose your hope. Allah is great and may be he will heal you in some stage of your life." She said, "OK, I will not lose my hope and I will remain faithful to Allah and prophet Mohammed." By saying this she laughed to show that she is not worried about her physical health. Her father kissed her and said, "I expected this from you." Maids also whispered, "Bibiji (madam) please keep your trust in Allah." She was aware that she had to wait for the timings of Allah.

They flew back to Lahore via Karachi. All the family friends and servants came to receive them at airport. They touched them as touching a Hajji is considered as blessing. They looked at Gulshan who was still crippled but they did not make any comments. Father told her brothers and sisters that, "Allah is not unjust, we must have patience to wait for Allah's time." Brothers and sisters agreed with this thought. Next day they returned home where they were received by the rest of the family members. Next for many days, relatives came from far and near and people from the city. Relatives and special friends received the bottle of Zamzam water. Those who visited her, said, "God bless you". What they were expecting was the healing of Gulshan but it did not happen to her. Her family members sighed and kissed and said, "God will one day heal you, till that time we have to wait for his will."

She had real sadness in her heart but she was determined to kept away from those things which were contaminating her. Her prayers became more fervent than ever because she felt the real need of her healing. She bought a string of beads which she turned with her fingers and with every bead she repeated Bismillah(name of Allah). She felt as if her father was also saddened with her non-recovery.

To be continued...

Prayer Request

Dear Brother,
I am a 45 year old married woman with 6 children. Recently, the bomb explosion that rocked Lagos[military cantonement] on Sunday 27th January 2002 affected my entire family greatly at the moment my last born of 7 yrs of age is still missing, pressumably dead! The bomb explosion left in its weak blood, sorrow and tears, my elder son too is dying who is seriously ill at a private hospital here in Lagos
and he is awaiting to be operated, to remove bomb shrapnel that is presently lodged in his left thighs. The management of this hospital has billed me to deposit the sum of $1,250 before this operation is carried out. I am hereby pleading asking you to assist me to monetary since my husband lost his life in a peace keeping mission in sierr loene about three years ago. Please pray for me and my family.
Thank you,
Mrs.Patricia Okolo

I need a prayer for my studies and my health. Please pray for me to study well and heal everything.. please pray for me. thanks

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