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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 4 / Issue 7 / March 28 2002

Contents of this issue

Christ is Risen
Prayer Request
Regional Conference 2002
Annual Family and Youth Conference

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Through the Valley of Death & other Books
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By Sherly Isaac

Isaiah 53:10, "Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise Him; He has put Him to grief. When You make His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, And the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in His hand.

The above verse talks about the death and sufferings of Christ. He was bruised and was put to grief. His soul was made an offering for the sins of mankind. God gave His only begotten Son to die for us so that we can escape from the eternal punishment of sin and guilt. It was the love and grace of God that made Him to come down and die for us though we have nothing good in us.

Yes, His sacrifice is more valuable than anything and further the Bible says in the same verse that; "He shall see His seed". Why He did this great sacrifice? To see His seed - A holy and righteous generation and to see His own children. John 1:12 says, "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:"

God wants to save every person. He wants to see righteous generation walking in His holiness.

Few days back we got a mail from one of our old Sunday school student. We were thrilled reading the mail. Here is a portion of that mail, "In 1997, at one of the Jesus Calls meeting I got saved and accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior. In Dec. 1997 my brother also got saved. Slowly my whole family came to know the Lord and took baptism. In Jan. 1998 God baptized me with his Holy Spirit in Gujarat where I went for an outreach. These are all the result of your family prayers and teachings. By the grace of God I was able to complete my Engineering Degree in 2001. Next month I am going to join Disciples training school YWAM for 5 months. Pease pray for me so that I am truly able to recognize my calling & abide with it. pray so that for these 5 months God can work in my life to change my personality."

It does not happen because of our ability or because we did something but because and only because Jesus the Messiah died for us. His blood which was shed on the cruel cross brings His seed. When almost ten or twelve years back when we took Sunday school, we had no idea about God's plan for these young kids. Many a times I thought that, "we are just wasting our time with these small kids but it wasn't. Sufferings of Jesus is not in vain. If you have spoken about the love of Jesus to someone or if you are working very hard for Christ but you do not see any result in your ministry, still your labor in not in vain. One day you will see the seed growing and taking shape that you sowed long back. Yes, His blood is not shed for vain.

Christ is Risen

By Sheela Isaac

We are about to celebrate Good Friday and Easter. You may surprised to know that many are celebrating Easter year after year but they do not know why? Many even do not know the significance of Good Friday and Easter. Some think it is for Easter egg and bunny.

Few years back when I was in India my neighbor asked me "what is the significance of Easter eggs?" You may wonder I could not reply her question. Because I never heard about Easter eggs nor about Easter bunny. Still this time I do not know why people buy and keep Easter eggs and bunny. I do not find anything in the Bible about eggs and bunny. I even do not know from where it came from. Well Bible does not support these theories so I do not want to go in it. Easter is not merely related to eggs and bunny but it has far greater significance.

Let us look in the light of the Bible what is the significance of Good Friday and Easter.
In one sentence you can say "Good Friday is related with Christ's death on the Cross, and Easter is related with Christ's glorious resurrection from the dead."

Question is why Christ died? Bible speaks about Him that He is the son of God. He was seated on the right hand of God the Father. He was in heaven with thousands of holy angels. Then what made Him to come down to the earth? What made Him to leave His heavenly glory and leave all the comforts of heaven and come down. What made Him to born in a manger and live in very poor condition in poverty? What made Him to experience all the sufferings of human beings?

Reason is very simple, the human being whom He made in His own image and likeness. The human being on whom he relayed for companionship fell in sin. When He saw that the whole creation which He made is ruining in sin He could not see that sight. He could not bear that agony. So God decided to send His only begotten son Jesus Christ on this earth. Lord Jesus came to rescue you and me from sin.

God decided to make a perfect sacrifice for redemption of human beings. He sent His own son Jesus Christ who was without sin. Bible says that He never knew sin.
1 Pet 2:22, "Who committed no sin, Nor was deceit found in His mouth";
2 Cor 5:21, "For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him".

Jesus came to save you and me from hell fire. He came to rescue us from the clutches of Satan and sin. He came so that we may not perish in eternal hell. That is the Love of God. That is the great plan of God for the redemption of fallen mankind. You need not to do anything but Jesus did it on the Cross. He became ransom for many. He paid the full price for our redemption. No other person on this planet has ever done it. No other person ever born in this world to take away yours and mine sin. No other person can ever make a perfect sacrifice for you and me, because no one in perfect. No one is sinless like Jesus Christ. Only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ which is holy and pure we can receive forgiveness of sin.

Good Friday has a great significance for those who want to reach heaven. For those who want to get rid of sin and sinful addictions and lead a holy life. Jesus' last saying from the Cross was "it is finished." Yes He has finished His work. He has finished the work of redemption on the Cross. Now it is upto you what you want to do. Now it is your duty to accept or reject this great salvation. Many are today fooled by Satan. They say "everything is done on the Cross, so I need not to do anything", Some say "I am already born in a Christian family so I need not to repent, it is for heathen people or other religion people". Some say "I never committed grievous sin like murder, adultery and so on, it is only for those people who are in great sin".

What do you think about yourself? If you are already holy then Christ did not come for you. If you are already righteous then Christ died on the Cross in vain. Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. No one is righteous in the sight of God not even you are.

Rom 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
Rom 3:9 What then? Are we better than they? Not at all. For we have previously charged both Jews and Greeks that they are all under sin.
Rom 3:10 As it is written: "There is none righteous, no, not one;
Rom 3:11 There is none who understands; There is none who seeks after God.
Rom 3:12 They have all turned aside; They have together become unprofitable; There is none who does good, no, not one."

Yes you need this salvation. Jesus finished His work on the Cross and when you accept the work of Cross your salvation becomes complete.

If you read further many more verses are given which says that no one is good in the sight of God. No one can ever justify that "they never sinned." All are sinners and all need salvation.

Yes my friend you need that great salvation for which Christ came and died. That is all about Good Friday. If you are still in sin, if you are still in peaceless situation, if you are still in guilt and shame you need the Savior in your life. Without which life is meaningless and void. If you do not have that assurance that you have a place in heaven, if you are not able to lead a holy life you need Jesus in your life. Without which your Good Friday and Easter is meaningless and empty. You might have celebrated Good Fridays after Good Friday and Easters after Easter but it is useless. Celebrating Easter and Good Friday will not help you to reach heaven, but only through the blood of Jesus Christ you can have eternal life.

Are you willing to accept that great sacrifice on the Cross? Are you willing to repent from your sins? Are you willing to invite Jesus in your heart at least in this Good Friday?

Now what is Easter? As we saw Jesus came down to save sinners. He came down to die on the Cross for you and me. He came down so that we can get rid of our sins. Yes He died to nail down our sins on the Cross forever. But He is not dead forever. He rose on the third day from dead. We celebrate Easter because He is the resurrected Savior.

He rose from the dead and was seen by many.
First of all Mary saw that Jesus has risen from the dead.
John 20:16 Jesus said to her, "Mary!" She turned and said to Him, "Rabboni!" (which is to say, Teacher). Then disciples saw Jesus
John 20:19-21. Again after eight days Jesus shows himself to disciples.
John 20:26 And after eight days His disciples were again inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, "Peace to you!"

Again Jesus shows himself to His disciples at the sea of Tiberius.
John 21:1 After these things Jesus showed Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberius, and in this way He showed Himself:
And in many other occasions people saw that Jesus has risen from the dead.

He rose again after death that's why we celebrate Easter. He is a risen savior. Once He died for our sins but now He is alive forevermore. He conquered death. If you believe in Him you can also conquer death.

John 11:25, "Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live".
John 11:26 "And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die."

Lord Jesus said: I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me shall never die. Yes my friend if you believe in Jesus Christ you will live with Him for eternity. Your soul will never die in hell fire. What a great assurance. What a great hope. One day we will be with Jesus for eternity. And He will wipe away all our tears and pain. There shall be no sorrow, no pain, no tears and no sicknesses. Jesus is preparing that kind of a place for us.

Do you believe in Jesus? Have you ever accepted Lord Jesus into your heart? Have you ever said "Lord come into my heart, cleanse me from all my unrighteousness". Have you ever asked forgiveness of your sins? Or always thought about yourself that you are a righteous person, or you need not to repent or need not to receive forgiveness of sin. Let not Satan fool you. Without forgiveness of sin you cannot enter heaven. Jesus is preparing a place for those who have accepted Lord Jesus as their savior and Lord. Do not miss this great opportunity. Do not reject that great salvation which is prepared for you. Do not reject the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is the time to accept Jesus in your life. Time is very short. You may not find another opportunity to repent. You may not find another chance to receive forgiveness of your sins. Jesus is calling you.

Let us pray: Pray this prayer from the bottom of your heart.
Lord Jesus I accept that I did not bothered to think about my destiny so far. I do not know where I am going. I am not sure that I have a place in heaven. My life is sinful. I want to get rid of sin and sinful life style. Please come into my heart. Wash away my sins in your precious blood. I believe that you came down to save me. You died for me so that I may not end up in hell fire. Lord I have celebrated many Good Fridays and Easters but I never accepted you as my Lord and Savior. Many Easters passed but I am still the same old sinful person. Please forgive my sins. You died for me. You have shed your precious blood for me. Lord I believe. Please forgive my sins. Wash away my sins in your precious blood and make me whole. Today I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Today I accept you as the master of my life. Take control of my life and lead me as you wish. I pray in Jesus name Amen

Prayer Request

Dear Prayer Partner,
I live in cochin. I request your ardent prayer for my job, The soft ware company that i work is winding up their office in Cochin. Hence i am left without a job. I am planning to visit kuwait in July in search of a job.

Kindly Pray for:
1) arrangement of the Visa, Air tickets
2) to get a job with family status

Also please pray for my Wife, my son Abel, my father, mother and brother. My brothers marriage is fixed for 18th May. Please pray for all its arrangements. Thanking you
With Prayers

I want to see Jesus Christ my Savior.

I am Pastor K.S. Peter Palani, I am very happy to meet you through this e-mail. I saw your prayer request in your e-mail. Don't worry about anything. Myself and my Church believers are daily praying for you. Our God is mighty God. Very soon God will fulfill all your needs.
Pastor K.S. Peter Palani

Regional Conference 2002

Regional conference will be held at the beautiful campus of Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti Michigan.

Hosted by
19476 CASCADE DR.,

Date: May 17-19, 2002

Theme: "Jesus Christ is our Peace" Eph. 2:14"

For more details please contact:
Rev. Itty Mathews, Vicar & President
Email: ittymathews@hotmail.com
Mathew Oommen, convenor

Annual Family and Youth Conference

XVI Annual CSI Family and Youth Conference, Hosted by Emmanuel CSI Church, Philadelphia

This years Family and Youth Conference will be held at the Pocono Manor Inn, Pocono Manor PA 18349, from July 4th - 7th.

The Moderator Most Rev. Dr KJ Samuel will preside. The new Bishop of Central Kerala Diocese Rt Rev. Thomas Samuel will also be a leader. The main speaker is Rev Valson Thampu of St Stephen's College Delhi a well known author and preacher of Maramon Convention fame. Pastor Robbie Sortino and Scott Armstrong will lead the Youth sessions. Many dignitaries and officers of the CSI are also expected to attend.

The program will be mostly interactive and there will be a special revival meeting on Saturday night. There will be a Talent show on Friday night. The program will allow for plenty of time to socialize or to go sight seeing.

The venue is panoramic, scenic and relaxing. The accommodation is comfortable and the cuisine tasteful. The room availability now is limited as we have been receiving good response to our early registration drive. Registrations will close on April 14th due to limited space at the hotel.

Please visit our website www.emmanuelcsi.com or download and print the registration form from www.2002conference.csichurch.org/

For details call Convener Koshy Ittyeipe at 610 363 3967 or e- mail: koshy@libertynet.org
We look forward to seeing you there
Koshy Ittyeipe

Through the Valley of Death & other Books

As many of you know that in the year 2005, our dad was very sick even unto death. God miraculously healed him. We have compiled it in a book form. I sure believe that it will inspire you and encourage you greatly.

This book is available for purchase at JasmineCorp Store

Also read these two books by Sherly Isaac "Allah and Elohim - Are they the same God" Available at JasmineCorp Store, and "Is Jesus God?" Available at JasmineCorp Store,

Both books compares the Bible and the Quran and read eye opening facts about Jesus, God of the Bible, Allah and Islamic faith. I am sure that you want to read this.

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