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(Ex. John 3:16-20)

Jesus : I am the way, the truth and the life.

Let us praise and thank God Almighty for his marvelous grace and blessing upon us during this twelve days of fellowship in KUVBS 2004. Praise God for the wonderful VBS we had this year.

Kuwait United Vacation bible school started in 1984 organized jointly by the Mar Thoma and CSI parishes. In the year 1996, the KUVBS was conducted in a period of two weeks, and this is being followed ever since. The VBS is organized every year during the three months of summer vacation. The study materials required for the VBS, were brought by various individuals and families from India.

KUVBS 2004 was conducted from 11th June to 25th June with the final talent day program scheduled on 2nd July 2004.

The theme for this year's KUVBS was "You are my Friends" taken from "John 15: 14" which says, "You are my Friends if you do what I command you".

Following is a brief report on the events associated with this year's KUVBS:

Administration of KUVBS 2004:

A general body meeting of CSI and Mar Thoma Sunday School representatives for KUVBS 2004 was conducted on 15th January 2004 in which the following office bearers were unanimously selected:

Superintendent : Rev. Idiculla K. George
Patrons : Rev. P.P. Kuruvilla
  Rev. Jiji Joseph - CSI
Convener : Mrs. Reni Cyriac - CSI
Joint Convener : Mrs. Varsha John - CSI
Secretary : Mrs. Gracy Alexander
Treasurer : Mr. K.A. Mathew

A group of 17 committee members was selected as executive committee members for the organization of KUVBS along with different conveners and coordinators, responsible to carry out many functions of the KUVBS.

We had 3 General Body and 5 Executive Committee meetings held to decide and discuss on various activities and issues related to KUVBS. The General body meeting held on 11th March 2004, during which a farewell was given to Rev. Dr. P. S. Daniel and Rev. Sam Samuel, the patrons of KUVBS for the last three years. Farewell gifts were given to the Achens on behalf of KUVBS as a token of our love and appreciation.

This year we had a blessed team of 60 teachers, 5 Section coordinators and 17 enthusiastic volunteers who worked with a total of 672 children to make this VBS a grand success.

Teachers' Training Session:

On 3rd June 2004, a training session was conducted for teachers to guide them on how to prepare the lessons and how to carry out the activities in the class within the allotted time. Teachers handbooks and workbooks were distributed to help them prepare the lessons in advance. Mrs. Annie Mathew, Mr. Kurian Kurian from the CSI church were among the teachers training leaders . In this meeting, we had the privilege to welcome CSI St. Peters Congregation's new Vicar Rev. Jiji Joseph.

Teachers' Dedication Meeting:

Our KUVBS Director Rev. Biju George, Students Chaplain of St. Thomas Residential School Trivandrum, arrived in Kuwait on 10th June 2004 and we were fortunate to welcome him to the dedication meeting conducted on the same day. This meeting was held for all the teachers, volunteers and all committee members. A candle lighting ceremony was conducted during which the dedication song "Bind us Together Lord" was sung. KUVBS folders were distributed to teachers, Volunteers and other member's of KUVBS.

KUVBS Inauguration:

The inaugural function for the opening day was held on 11th June,2004 at 3:30pm in NECK with an opening prayer by Rev. P.P. Kuruvilla followed by a lively singing session by the music team. Mrs. Reni Cyriac welcomed the guests and the children, and Rev. Idiculla K. George introduced the Director to the audience. Rev. Biju George gave a brief message introducing the KUVBS theme for 2004 followed by the dedication ceremony of students.

An audiovisual display was presented followed by a colorful choreography presented by Miss. Leena Varkki from our CSI church which described the theme. We had the ceremonial lighting of the candle and dedication of students. After receiving the KUVBS badges and flags, students, teachers and others participated in the rally. The Achens led the rally and everybody marched merrily to the theme song played by the Music team.

Rev. Idiculla K. George gave the inaugural address and Rev. Jiji Joseph CSI Vicar declared KUVBS 2004 open and concluded the ceremony with a prayer and benediction.

Regular Classes:

Each day of KUVBS started with a teacher's devotion led by Rev.Biju George. Singing session started every day at 3:30pm. It was conducted in the Church and Parish hall for the junior students and in the North Tent for the senior students. A devotional talk for students was conducted everyday by Rev. Biju George. Classes were conducted in two sessions for ten days. Each day had a special theme. The first session of class dealt with the study of a Bible portion related to the day's theme. The second session for the junior students included lots of Art and Craft work along with different games while the senior students learnt about "How the bible was written and preserved" along with different topics for debate and also different activities. Different competitions were arranged during VBS to encourage the children and these included Colouring competition, Wealth from waste, Vegetable carving, Flower arrangement.

Each day had special theme, which were adopted for daily meditation and devotional sessions. They were "You are my friends", " Jesus pardons", "Jesus preserves", "Jesus protects", "Jesus persuades", "Jesus pays heed", "Jesus promises" ,"Jesus purposes", "Jesus promotes" , "Jesus prepares"

Music Team:

Mr. Bobby George Kurien led the music team with the help of Worship Leaders and other dedicated teachers and students. Among them we had from the CSI church Mr. Eugene Koshy and Mr. Kurien Kurien as the worship Leaders, Ms. Nikitha Elizabeth Kuruvilla for the music team and Mr. Chervyl John for playing the Drums. Audio cassettes & CDs of the KUVBS songs and song book were made available to students.


Refreshments were provided to students everyday, which were organized by the refreshment committee headed by Mr. John Thomas supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.
Special Days of KUVBS:

Beauty and Cleanliness: June 15th and 16th were observed as the day of beauty and cleanliness. All classes were inspected and the selected groups were awarded with a prize. Different competitions were arranged for each section which included Wealth from waste, Vegetable carving, Flower arrangement.

Inspection Day: June 21st was observed as the Inspection Day and all classes were inspected. One class from each group was selected and prizes were given .

Thanksgiving and Love feast: June 22nd was observed as the day of thanksgiving and Love feast. The KUVBS as a family participated in true Christian love by sharing their food.

A special cover collection was carried out to meet the additional expenses of KUVBS. We thank all the sponsors, parents and students who contributed whole-heartedly.

Coloring Competition: A coloring competition was conducted and the best-colored song books was selected from each group. Among the top scores were our students Reno John Cyriac for Junior and Nichole Nagesh for Senior.

Witnessing Day: Day 11 was observed as the witnessing day. Many students witnessed and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

Closing Day: Students were given certificates for their active participation and successful completion of their class work on the closing day. The certificates for the Teachers, Volunteers and the Executive committee members were distributed on the same day. This day was made more colorful by giving away special crowns to beginners and primary students, and by conducting a rally for all. The music team brightened the rally with their songs. The Convenor Mrs. Reni Cyriac delivered a vote of thanks to all who participated. Rev. Idiculla K. George declared the KUVBS 2004 as formally closed by addressing the crowd.

A final meeting of KUVBS was held on 26th June 2004 at NECK, to bid Farewell to the Director. During which certificates were distributed to the office bearers and Sponsors were also honored .

Talent Day: Mr.Dileep.K.Philip, was selected as the co-ordinator for Talent Day . Students, with the help of the teachers performed various colourful programs. Miss. Leena Varkki played a vital role in making the talent day a success.

CSI members- KUVBS 2004

Our Achen Rev.Jiji Joseph was one of the Patrons and was a great support to KUVBS.
Mrs. Reni Cyriac from the CSI St. Peter's Congregation was the Convenor for KUVBS 2004 and Mrs. Varsha John was the Joint Convenor while Mr. Deepak Philip Thomas helped as Final Day Programme Co-ordianator.

Dr. Koshy Varghese , Mr. Mathew Chrisostom , Mr. Thomas John ,Miss. Leena Mary Varkki , Miss. Biji Varghese, Miss. Kavitha Mohan and Miss.Ashyana Thomas assisted as volunteers
Miss. Sunitha Elizabeth Thomas , Miss. Nibi John Babu, Mrs. Shruthy Liz Jacob, Mrs. Manija Vinod, Mrs. Rekha Thomas and Mr. Deepak Philip Thomas served as KUVBS 2004 teacher's.
Mrs. Preetha Nagesh, our Head Mistress and Mr. Cyriac George , Auditor of KUVBS 2004 coordinated in every day activities of the KUVBS. Mrs. Preetha Nagesh, Mr. Cyriac George, Mr. K.P.Koshy also supported as judges for the Day of Beauty and Cleanliness and for the Day of Inspection.

Mr. Kurien Kurien and Mr. Eugene Koshy were worship leaders in the music team. Along with them Ms. Nikitha Elizabeth Kuruvilla for helped in singing and Mr. Chervyl John for playing the Drums.
Our students Reno John Cyriac from Junior and Nichole Nagesh from Senior stood first in the colouring competition.

Mr. K.P.Koshy, Mr. P.M. Kurien and Mr. Thomas John (Moni) were sponsors from the CSI Church.

We appreciate the hard work put in by all the VBS office bearers, committee members, teachers and volunteers. We do remember with gratitude the support , encouragement and assistance given to us by St. Peters CSI Congregation Kuwait, St. Paul's CSI Church Ahmadi-Kuwait, without which our tasks would have been rendered difficult.


We give all the glory honor and praise to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
We do not know what holds tomorrow, but we know for sure that our Lord holds our tomorrow. This assurance provides a great hope and strength into the life of a believer. His words "My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor. 12:9)", should enable us to look to that uncertain tomorrow with hope and courage. "He is our good friend"

Thank you.
Reni Cyriac - Convenor KUVBS 2004



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